How to ensure your device is protected

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With cyber-crime and hacking seemingly making its way into the news on a regular basis, now is a better time than ever (if you haven’t already) to safeguard your device against criminals. Computers and laptops are at the epicentre of online crime, with the Office of National Statistics estimating that more than two million people fell victim to cyberattacks in 2015.

There are numerous ways to increase your chance of fighting off cyber criminals, from downloadable software all the way to spotting a threat before it’s too late.

Software and security
The most common way to protect your device against cyber threats is to download software that will spot threats for you. They act as a lookout, attempting to spot any and all potential dangers that your computer may have contracted.
If you do already have security software installed on your PC, always opt to update when it asks. The reason being is that due to the sheer amount of hackers, software can be useless against new and innovative viruses. There are various internet security providers that are available that will best set up your device from cyberattacks. 

Potential threats
Computers are becoming less and less relevant to hackers wanting personal information, with soaring numbers of people opting to use their smart phone or tablet as a PC. This means that hackers are now targeting your phone, with the Leveson inquiry being a driving force in bringing to light the dangers of not properly securing your phone.

DRIDEX malware is currently one of the most high-risk threats out there on the internet. Criminals use this method of hacking to gather their target’s bank details, through seemingly legitimate emails claiming to be from places such as your personal bank. Banks are now warning their customers that they will never ask for your personal information over email. However, the best way to check to see if a recipient is legitimate or not is to check their email address, as it will usually have random numbers and letters within it. You can also contact your bank to query it. 

One of the best ways to increase your chances of not losing any important documents or information on your device is to create backup versions. This will help to ensure that if the worst was to happen and you do lose something significant as a result of a cyberattack, you have a secondary copy. Cloud is a great way to increase the chance of your documents being safeguarded and protected if any documents were lost due to hacking. 

Top tips
• Ensure you are continually updating your device’s security software
• Do not interact with emails that you do not recognise
• Avoid downloading anything on your device through non-official apps or software

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