How to create a greener office

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If you think about how much energy your office goes through in a day, you’ll be astonished; from computers to monitors, lights and heating… the list goes on.

Moreover, you may not have the same affiliation and care for the office that you do with your own home. However, stats show that the average full-time working adult will spend nearly a quarter of their life in an office environment - scary stuff.

We’re here to make sure you keep your office green, while still working at optimum efficiency - and it’s easier than you think.

This is one of the easiest and stress-free ways to make your office more environmentally friendly: helping you do your bit for the planet. Starting with the obvious, you should always stock your office with 100% recyclable paper. Roughly 10,000 sheets of paper are used each year by one person in the office alone, accounting for one TRILLION pieces of A4 paper per year. With just a small change in how you use paper – for example, making sure you don’t use it unnecessarily could save thousands of trees every year. Recycling also applies to printers.

Altodigital offers a wide range of methods that will not only save you streams of paper and the environment, but also save your business money. By using pull-printing in your office, it eliminates the wasted paper of uncollected print jobs that lay forgotten at the printing site.

Refillable ink cartridges will also save your office hundreds of pounds every year, as refilling a cartridge is considerably cheaper than buying new cartridges outright. This is a quick and easy transition that will not only save your office lots of money, but also reduce your carbon footprint, as you won’t be throwing away plastic cartridges every week.

Reducing your carbon footprint

It’s something that we’ve been warned about for years. Reduce your carbon emissions or the planet will suffer the consequences.

As mentioned above, there are many things in your office that produce emissions, and allowing staff to work from home would reduce this. If you work in an office that uses Microsoft applications, then the chances are, staff can work from home on personal computers or laptops.

Doing so would not only lessen the electricity that your office is producing, but also reduce fuel consumption on your way to work.

Another way of saving electricity in your office and reducing your carbon footprint is to switch off all electrical equipment when leaving for the day, from your computer, to the printer.

Sure, coming back the next morning for work to all your work still open to get cracking on with is more convenient, but saving your work and closing all programmes down greatly helps your office to stay green, and also prolong the life of your computer.

Another way of being more efficient is to put your computer into sleep mode when you pop out of the office. It’s the best of both worlds, as it keeps all of your work open for when you return and also reduces your computer’s electricity usage significantly, like standby mode on a TV.

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