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Last year we saw a huge surge in global - and seemingly untouchable - organisations including Yahoo, LinkedIn and even presidential candidate Hilary Clinton subjected to IT hacks. Not only are high profile cases the issue, but according to our own research – it seems that UK business are also taking…


Hurstons Accountants calls on Altodigital for help

Image: Hurstons Accountants calls on Altodigital for help

Here at Alto we are proud to work with strong SMEs with a local community link. This is why we partnered with regional accountancy and professional services firm, Hurstons Accountants to overhaul its telecoms infrastructure. We worked closely with Hurstons to conduct a detailed site audit across both locations, identifying…


How a business can save money by printing smarter

Image: How a business can save money by printing smarter

Saving energy, using less fossil fuels and becoming more sustainable are all hot topics for politicians, the public and businesses alike. It can be especially hard for SMEs to make the transition to becoming a ‘green’ business. Although print costs add up to nearly £9,000 per year in the average UK…


Biometrics in the office

Image: Biometrics in the office

Biometric technology is sweeping the technology industry, but is something that businesses have so far been wary to introduce to their own workplace.  Biometrics is used to identify an individual according to their physical or behavioural characteristics: the most familiar examples being retina scanning, fingerprint and hand recognition. This…


How to create a greener office

Image: How to create a greener office

If you think about how much energy your office goes through in a day, you’ll be astonished; from computers to monitors, lights and heating… the list goes on. Moreover, you may not have the same affiliation and care for the office that you do with your own home. However,…


The secret winner of the cyber security war

Image: The secret winner of the cyber security war

Most businesses have software to protect them from a cyber-attack, with back up data and hardware ensuring that hackers won’t be able to put the company at risk. However, very few companies have protection against the real winner of the cyber security war…. The squirrel. According to security expert,…


How to ensure your device is protected

Image: How to ensure your device is protected

With cyber-crime and hacking seemingly making its way into the news on a regular basis, now is a better time than ever (if you haven’t already) to safeguard your device against criminals. Computers and laptops are at the epicentre of online crime, with the Office of National Statistics estimating…


All you need to know about 3D printing

Image: All you need to know about 3D printing

3D printing is an area of technology that has progressed hugely within recent years, and has subsequently changed the way we work forever. How many businesses have actually embraced this new technology? 3D printing is still fairly new and the unknown can often put businesses off, but do not fear –…


We’re honoured to have teamed up with The Hospice Quality Partnership (HQP) this year, to deliver more than 1,100 presents to children’s hospices throughout the UK this Christmas. It’s the third year in a row that we have gifted toys to children’s hospices, but this year is…


As 2016 comes to a close, businesses are starting to look ahead to the coming New Year. With a whole new range of technology and advancements in store, offices across the country will no doubt benefit and become even more cutting edge. Yet what about the essentials already in place? Ensuring…


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